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November 8, 2016 — Illinois Elección General

Illinois State House of RepresentativesCandidato para Distrito 66

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Nancy A. Zettler

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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • Preserve, protect, and improve public education
  • Stopping unnecessary corporate giveaways, at the State and local levels
  • Stopping out of control property tax hikes



Attorney & Owner, Law Office of Nancy A. Zettler (1994–2007)


IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law Juris Doctorate, Law (1990)

Actividades comunitarias

Member, CUSD 300's Board of Education's Legislative Committee (2012–2014)
Co-Chair, CUSD 300's Multicultural Festival (2013–2014)
Chair, Advance 300 (2005–2012)
Chair, Literacy Committee, CUSD 300's Foundation for Educational Excellence (2010–2011)


Nancy Zettler, an accomplished attorney and activist, has been fighting for working families for decades.

After earning her law degree, she went head-to-head with corporations in the courtroom for two decades while practicing law full-time. She eventually scaled back her legal work to be able to focus on staying home with her two daughters, which also allowed her to spend more time getting involved in the community and local schools. 

Nancy started volunteering in the Algonquin area community almost from the minute her family moved here. She was active in the local schools and in 2005 began work as Chair of Advance 300, a local community group dedicated to supporting Community Unit School District 300 (D300).  In 2006, under her leadership with Co-Chair Doug Sibery, the community passed not one but two school referenda supporting D300 schools. These referendums pulled the district back from the brink of financial collapse and lowered class sizes from as high as 36 kids in first grade classes to 25, and helped make D300 one of the more fiscally sound and transparent school districts in the state.  

In 2011, Advance 300 was instrumental in fighting to get D300 a seat at the negotiating table when the legislature was working to pass legislation to renew the Sears Economic Development Area in Hoffman Estates. These efforts enabled D300 to negotiate an additional $3,000,000 per year in recovered property tax dollars.  

From 2012 thru 2014, Nancy was also a member of the D300 Board of Education’s Legislative Committee.  

Nancy has lived with her husband and children in the 66th district in Algonquin for nearly twenty years. 

Preguntas y Respuestas

Preguntas de Chicago Sun-Times (15)

Do you support term limits for legislators? Do you support term limits for legislative leaders? Please explain.
Respuesta de Nancy A. Zettler:

I am open to a discussion on term limits. The reality is that there are are some very good legislators in Illinois who have been in office 20 years and there are some very bad legislators who have been in office one or two years. Further, research has shown that in states that have term limits, these states often end up just consolidating power into the hands of unelected staff and lobbyists. 


With that said, I am not completely opposed to term limits, and I would support term limits on legislative leaders. 

Who do you think bears responsibility for the budget stalemate? Do you have your own ideas on how to resolve it?
Respuesta de Nancy A. Zettler:

We are seeing the worst partisan gridlock in our state's history. Governor Rauner continues to demand non-budget concessions in order to pass a balanced budget, and that is simply unacceptable. This budget impasse - because the Governor wants to pass his anti-worker agenda - has done great harm to thousands of people around the state. 

One of the key components of my campaign is to reduce, if not eliminate, corporate welfare/handouts that have a significant impact on the state's (and local governments') budget. Illinois could free up hundreds of millions, if not billions, of dollars to spend on senior programs, child care services, breast cancer screenings, and other essential services. Instead, we have seen Governor Rauner slash these services in an effort to force the Democrats to agree to his anti-worker agenda. 

We have real problems in this state. But the answer to the problems is not to fix those problems by destroying unions and slashing services for seniors, children, and people with disabilities. 

A June 3 New York Times op-ed was headlined “Higher Education in Illinois is Dying” because of significant funding cuts. Do you agree or not with Gov. Bruce Rauner that additional large cuts could be necessary?
Respuesta de Nancy A. Zettler:

I am strongly opposed to additional large cuts to higher education funding. Illinois has great colleges and universities, and it is one of the many things that makes this state great for families and businesses. Further cuts - beyond the already harmful cuts that Governor Rauner has forced on them - would be devastating. 

How should the state’s school funding formula be changed to give all children a better chance at a quality education?
Respuesta de Nancy A. Zettler:

I believe that the fairest funding formula for Illinois schools would be along the lines of the Evidence-based Formula set out out in SB1403 wherein funding would be determined per child, based on their educational needs. No matter what funding formula changes occur, it is important that all school districts be held harmless, which obviously means that more money will need to be injected into the system. 

Without a budget, Illinois is spending much more than it takes in, leading to an ever-growing stack of bills, underfunded services and a growing deficit. What new revenue sources do you support to help fix this problem?
Respuesta de Nancy A. Zettler:

I support removing many of the corporate loopholes that allow corporations to pay little/no taxes in Illinois. I also want to eliminate further handouts to corporations. I have fought against these corporate handouts in Springfield in the past (and won), and I'm committed to doing it once I am in Springfield.

I do refuse to vote for any tax on the lower and middle classes, and believe that we need to find ways to lower the tax burden of the middle class. 

A constitutional amendment is on the ballot that would require money raised for transportation not be spent elsewhere. Do you support this concept? Also, transportation planners say more money is needed for roads and bridges, Metra, CTA rail services and the like. Do you agree and, if so, where would you get the funding?
Respuesta de Nancy A. Zettler:

I support this constutional amendment, and believe that it is essential to protect transportation funds so that they are invested in maintaining and improving the state's transportation infrastructure. 

I agree that more funding is needed for transportation infrastructure. We need to a) spend the money that is supposed to be allocated for those issues, and b) maximize federal dollars (in part by not raiding the state transportation funds for other areas). 

In the last session, the governor and Legislature turned their attention away from pension reform. What initiatives do you support to reduce the costs of pensions?
Respuesta de Nancy A. Zettler:

The Supreme Court has clearly ruled that the State cannot reduce pension benefits and other retirement benefits (such as health insurance) that have already been earned and promised. So we cannot, once again, attempt to cut pension benefits and have another long protracted court fight.

I do think that we need to change our funding schedule (i.e. the "ramp") so that we can essentially "re­finance" our pension debt so that it is more affordable for the State. We need a dedicated (and guaranteed) revenue stream to pay for pensions, so that the state meets its promised obligations and the pension funds don’t end up back in the same financial position they are now in.

I also support exploring the option of allowing individuals to buy out of their pension plan. In order to get a good handle on how this would impact the unfunded liability and financially stability of the systems, I’d support a pilot program where inactive individuals in the pension systems would be able to buy out of the system. 

While there is already a cap of 6% on end of career pay spikes, which has essentially eliminated teacher pay spikes, the pay spike scheme has primarily been abused at the administrator level. We need to do more to hold school districts accountable for administrative pay, especially when it negatively impacts the pension system.

Do you support measures to reduce Illinois’ prison population and divert more money into community-based services?
Respuesta de Nancy A. Zettler:

Yes, I do support measures to reduce the Illinois' prison population, and divert more money into community-based services. Criminal justice reform is absolutely necessary and important both locally and nationally. I do think that we need to be very careful in how this is done, so that we protect Illinois residents while also giving second changes to offenders. 

There are calls to reform the state’s civil asset forfeiture system, which allows police and prosecutors to seize and take – permanently – property from someone who has not been convicted of a crime? What is your view?
Respuesta de Nancy A. Zettler:

We absolutely need to reform the state's civil asset forfeiture system. A recent report gave Illinois a D for their policies on this, and it is absurd that police can seize private property without ever even charging the owners with a crime. 

There should be a requirement for a conviction of a crime before assets must be forfeited. We also must have a better way to track and report on forfeiture revenue so that there is accountability on those funds/assets are accounted for. 

Do you support allowing transgender persons born in Illinois to change the gender marker on their birth certificate without undergoing surgery first?
Respuesta de Nancy A. Zettler:


What is your view on so-called “death with dignity” — physician-assisted suicide — which has become a contentious issue in other states? California’s End of Life Option Act took effect on June 9.
Respuesta de Nancy A. Zettler:

I believe that end of life decisions are decisions that should be made by a patient with the help and counsel of their family and their physician.  I would support legislation that would provide for the ability for a terminal patient to end their life with dignity as long as there are sufficient safeguards against possible abuse. 

What measures do you support to reduce levels of gun violence?
Respuesta de Nancy A. Zettler:

The gun violence problem is not a "single issue" problem. It is not just a gun problem. It is not just a mental health problem. It is not just an education or social services problem. It is a comprehensive problem that has many facets.

I support the recently introduced bipartisan legislation (HB6588) would "ban people who have conveyed threats of terrorism or been charged with terrorism offenses from obtaining Firearm Owner Identification (FOID) cards, and require the revocation of existing FOID cards and the transfer of firearms in the possession of those who become ineligible because of severe mental illness diagnosis, domestic violence convictions or conveying terrorist threats."

I also support investment in violence prevention programs, after-school programs, mental health funding, etc. Cuts to these programs have been devastating and have had an impact on the increasing levels of gun violence. 

A number of states and local jurisdictions (including Chicago) have recently increased the minimum wage. Do you support or oppose a statewide increase in the minimum wage? If so, what should the new minimum be, and by when? Should local jurisdictions be prohibited from passing their own minimum wage laws?
Respuesta de Nancy A. Zettler:

I strongly support an increase in the minimum wage, and would like to see a statewide minimum wage of $15/hour. This should be phased in over 3-5 years so that businesses can gradually adjust to the new wage requirements. 

I am opposed to a prohibition on local juridisctions passing their own minimum wage laws. Local control is important, and local jurisdictions should be able to choose if they want to increase the minimum wage beyond what the state requires. 


In the past couple of legislative sessions, there has been a proposal to add a 1 cent tax on all sugar-sweetened beverages sold in Illinois. Do you support or oppose such a measure, and why?
Respuesta de Nancy A. Zettler:

I am opposed to a 1 cent tax on all sugar-sweetened beverages sold in Illinois. This is a regressive tax that disproporationaly impacts lower income households. I am unwilling to support any tax that increases taxes for lower and middle class households, especailly one that does so in a disprorptionate and regressive way. 

In recent years, there has been a growing push to increase the development and use of renewable energy sources. Do you support or oppose these preferences?
Respuesta de Nancy A. Zettler:

I strongly support increasing the development and use of renewable energy sources. I am committed to fighting for more action against climate change, and renewable energy sources are one clear way to do this. 

Creencias poliza

Filosofía política

I am running because, like you, I’m tired of doing everything right, playing by all the rules and getting nowhere, while the 1%, large corporations and big banks buy more and more of our government, make their own rules, threaten our livelihoods and futures and keep their thumbs on us for their own gain.   

Every day in this state, millions of our tax dollars are given to large corporations, not because they need it - most don’t - but because they demand it and threaten to leave the state or lay off employees if they don’t get it.  It has gotten so out of control that while Governor Rauner attacks the working people of Illinois and slashes funding for vital programs for the most vulnerable Illinois citizens and funds for higher education, he still seems to find plenty of money to hand out hundreds of millions of dollars to corporations who don’t need the money but continue to demand it.  Enough is enough.  

Every dollar given to corporations or the 1% in tax breaks, subsidies or “incentives” is a dollar that comes out of our pockets.  Taking state income taxes and handing them over to these corporations starves the state of revenue and just means that we will have to pay for it in other taxes, like sales and property taxes.  It has to stop!

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— October 17, 2016 Chicago Sun-Times

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