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November 8, 2016 — Illinois Elección General

Illinois State House of RepresentativesCandidato para Distrito 84

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Mike Strick

Small business owner of a oil change shop and mechanic.
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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • Mandate a property tax freeze. People are fleeing our state.
  • Term limits. No more career politicians.
  • Help fix the pension crisis and bring manufacturing jobs back to Illinois.



Profesión:Small business owner of a oil change shop and mechanic.
Small business owner, Self Employed (1994–current)
President, Strick Inc. (1998–current)
President, Strick Ent. (1994–current)
Precinct committeemen, Wheatland Township — Cargo elegido (2012–current)


Northern Illinois University NIU B.S. Biological Sciences, Cell biology. (1986)
NIU Northern Illinois University Bachelor of Sciences B.S., Biology (1985)

Actividades comunitarias

Board Member - Naperville Youth Football League, NYFL (2008–2011)

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Preguntas y Respuestas

Preguntas de Chicago Sun-Times (15)

Do you support term limits for legislators? Do you support term limits for legislative leaders? Please explain.
Respuesta de Mike Strick:

Yes. I support term limits with all elected legislative positions. For far to long we have seen the painful costs of unchecked career politicians. Our current House speaker has been in office since 1971, and has controlled indirectly both houses in Illinois legislature. The longer politicians serve the greater chance of corruption. It is time for term limits and I would support legislation for term limits.

Who do you think bears responsibility for the budget stalemate? Do you have your own ideas on how to resolve it?
Respuesta de Mike Strick:

I think the budget stalemate squarely rests on Michael Madigans shoulders. He has resided over the House of Representatives since 1983 and has been a career politician, first being elected in 1971. He is what is wrong with Illinois. He alone has amassed one of the largest unfunded pension crises in the nation  of 115 billion. How can we change course and resolve these issues. The citizens of Illinois just don't realize the fiscal pain that we face. We need term limits to get career politicians out of office and implement common sence reforms to prevent insolvency. Michael Madigan has had his way for long enough and he needs to realize that he is there to serve ALL people of Illinois and not just his special interest groups who are vastly out numbered by those not in his special interest groups.

A June 3 New York Times op-ed was headlined “Higher Education in Illinois is Dying” because of significant funding cuts. Do you agree or not with Gov. Bruce Rauner that additional large cuts could be necessary?
Respuesta de Mike Strick:

I don't believe higher education is dying. If it is dying, it is because many qualified students are leaving the state for their education. Students go to Missouri because they can get in state tuition if they reside there for a year. It becomes even cheaper if they are residents. Salaries from pay scale indicate an assistant professor makes $60845 and a professor makes $89000 at the University of Missouri. Illinois assistant professor earns $115,518 and a professor earns anywhere from $150,000 to $265,000 per year. Clearly these salaries speak volumes. What makes one assistant professor almost double that of the other? The answer... yous guess is as good as mine.

How should the state’s school funding formula be changed to give all children a better chance at a quality education?
Respuesta de Mike Strick:

The school funding formula should not be changed. Suburban schools have just enough revenue to accomplish their educational goals. In fact many suburban schools have cut all the fat left in their districts. Chicago only taxes 10% of a homes equalized acessed value while suburban school districts utilize a formula of 33% acessed value. I also believe Chicago has the highest cost per student in the state. We need to live within our means.

Without a budget, Illinois is spending much more than it takes in, leading to an ever-growing stack of bills, underfunded services and a growing deficit. What new revenue sources do you support to help fix this problem?
Respuesta de Mike Strick:

 Illinois is in the top 3 in the nation with the highest taxes. In the last year I have not heard one word from anyone redarding cuts to get our budget under control. The Illinois citizens would like to hold onto the money that they have earned trough their hard work. It is time to let the citizens keep more of their money for their own retirements and enjoyment.

A constitutional amendment is on the ballot that would require money raised for transportation not be spent elsewhere. Do you support this concept? Also, transportation planners say more money is needed for roads and bridges, Metra, CTA rail services and the like. Do you agree and, if so, where would you get the funding?
Respuesta de Mike Strick:

The gas taxes are to go road and infrastructure improvements. I don't understand the concept. Will it be a mandate? The legislature prepares the budget and the governor signs it into law. The appropriatons should be in the budget. I do not support the amendment.

In the last session, the governor and Legislature turned their attention away from pension reform. What initiatives do you support to reduce the costs of pensions?
Respuesta de Mike Strick:

There needs to be a defined contribution. The writing is on the wall. More and more percentages of a dollar are going to the costs of pensions and many social services are being cut. The current penion system is unsustainable and is on the road to insolvency. Many people will be hurting if that were to occur. We need to fix the broken pension system.

Do you support measures to reduce Illinois’ prison population and divert more money into community-based services?
Respuesta de Mike Strick:

I feel that there are many non violent prisoners and they should go into vocational community based services. It would be easier to teach them a skill and become productive. Drug offenders are at risk and should be monitored. The problems are numerous with the prison population. These people need some sort of opportunity.

There are calls to reform the state’s civil asset forfeiture system, which allows police and prosecutors to seize and take – permanently – property from someone who has not been convicted of a crime? What is your view?
Respuesta de Mike Strick:

It is criminal for the police to steal someones property based on a accusation of a crime. I do not support.

Do you support allowing transgender persons born in Illinois to change the gender marker on their birth certificate without undergoing surgery first?
Respuesta de Mike Strick:

No. In my 54 years I have only been asked one time for a copy of my birth certificate and that was for my passport. I feel most people will not ask such a question.

What is your view on so-called “death with dignity” — physician-assisted suicide — which has become a contentious issue in other states? California’s End of Life Option Act took effect on June 9.
Respuesta de Mike Strick:

I feel that "death with dignity" is a personal and deeply internal spiritual journey that government regulation should stay away from. The regulations imposed would multiply with each passing year because all cases are unique. I support life.

What measures do you support to reduce levels of gun violence?
Respuesta de Mike Strick:

If we are specifically discussing Chicago gun violence I would venture to say it relates to gang violence. We in Illinois are frustrated that so many jobs and manufacturing have left Illinois. I believe if jobs were abundant many problems with gun violence would be addressed. I support the 2nd amendment and would continue to do so if elected. Much of the gun violence and homicides could be solved if people in the communities where it occures would be willing to talk with police. Someone always knows something and rarely they ever get involved for fear of being wrapped up in it.

A number of states and local jurisdictions (including Chicago) have recently increased the minimum wage. Do you support or oppose a statewide increase in the minimum wage? If so, what should the new minimum be, and by when? Should local jurisdictions be prohibited from passing their own minimum wage laws?
Respuesta de Mike Strick:

I oppose an increase in the statewide minimum wage. As a small business I have lived the cycles of up and down sales on a daily basis. I never know how busy I'll be from one day to the next. As a business owner I feel my young employees are just begining to work for themselves and realizing what it takes to succeed. Minimum wage jobs are a stepping stone to go onto better paying career jobs. Minimum wage employment is not meant to be a career employment goal.

Local jurisdictions should not pass their own wage laws.

In the past couple of legislative sessions, there has been a proposal to add a 1 cent tax on all sugar-sweetened beverages sold in Illinois. Do you support or oppose such a measure, and why?
Respuesta de Mike Strick:

I do not support any new taxes on the already strapped and taxed reidents of Illinois. Prices for all comodities continue to rise unchecked. I would open pandoras box. I envision that sucha tax would generate let's say one million. The next year legislators say "he we generated one million, let's raise it to 5 cents , that will generate 5 million...and up it goes" Illinois residents are alrady taxed enough. How about some cuts, first. Parenthetically that is why we have sales taxes.

In recent years, there has been a growing push to increase the development and use of renewable energy sources. Do you support or oppose these preferences?
Respuesta de Mike Strick:

I would support all forms of energy to be utilized for the convenience of bettering lives. Renewable energy would be one of those conveniences. LED lighting and other advances have significantly reduced our dependence on fossil fuels. I believe in nuclear power and would like to see additional advances in that field.

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— October 3, 2016 Chicago Sun-Times

Mike Strick tells why he should be the state representative from the 84th district.

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