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March 15, 2016 — Illinois Primary Election
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United States

U.S. House of Representatives — Democratic PartyCandidate for District 6

Photo of Robert Marshall

Robert Marshall

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My Top 3 Priorities

  • To end all wars in the Mideast-- stop bombing and bring troops now
  • End "War on Drugs" Legalize marijuana on national basis
  • Test feasibility of single payer healthcare system by slowly lowering Medicare age down



Harvard M.D., Medicine (1968)

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Total money raised: $45,500

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Employees of Klausen, Peter

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Arizona 100.00%

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Political Beliefs

Political Philosophy

moderately progressive with libertarian leanings. I am supporting Sanders for Pres. but do not go as far to the left as he is. I am a free enterpriser  supporting generous governmental safety nets.

Position Papers

Women's Issues


Women's Issues



My name is Dr. Robert Marshall, I am a candidate for Congress in the Democratic Primary in your district.


The following is an excerpt of a speech I gave at the DuPage County Democratic Women's Organization on Saturday, January 23.


I am a physician and a private citizen, I am not a career politician. I am a Vietnam veteran and I am running for this office because my experience in Vietnam taught me that we are making the same mistake in the Mideast that we made in Vietnam 50 years ago. We must do the same thing in the Mideast as we did in Vietnam, that is, cease the bombing that we are doing there now and withdraw all of our troops as soon as possible. Only in this way will we avoid further terrorist acts in our country.


I am also interested in many women's issues. The most important ones are:


1.      Extending the statute of limitations for rape. I would not be opposed to making it for life as it is for murder.

2.      Women should be believed in cases of rape, instead of, as it is now where they are not believed.

3.      I have always been pro-choice on the issue of abortion. I was a Republican for many years but even then I was pro-choice. You do not get far in the Republican Party if you are pro-choice on abortion and one of the reasons I left that party was because of the abortion issue.

I did my training in the 1960's prior to when abortion was made legal. The abortion situation is no joke. Women do die if they do not get proper abortion care and if they do not die, they get horrible infections and become sterile for life.

I believe that we should continue to fund Planned Parenthood as we have been doing.

4.      We need reasonable gun laws to decrease the level of gun violence in this country. We also need to end the "War on Drugs" since at least 50% of the gun violence is related to gang activity involving the drug trade. We should legalize marijuana on a nationwide basis and make drug treatment more available and affordable.

5.      We should continue to support mammography for all eligible women in this country.

Mammography, by the way, is my specialty as a Radiologist. I calculate that I have interpreted between 80,000 to 100,000 mammograms throughout my career for the past 42 years. If we save 1 to 3 lives per 1,000 mammograms examinations, I calculate that I have saved the lives of approximately 200 to 300 women over the course of my career.

6.      I support the ERA Amendment. I believe that most of the discrimination that women experience could be solved if we could pass this amendment. The amendment did not pass 30 years ago because it was voted down by this State. It seems appropriate that we re-start our attempts to pass this amendment by beginning here in Illinois.

If you would like to help in my campaign my website is The telephone number for the campaign office is 708-795-1655. We need telephone canvassers and hostesses for in home meet and greets.  

Lake County Speech


Lake County Speech

                                                LAKE COUNTY SPEECH



The following is a speech I gave at the Lake County Democratic Central Committee meeting on February 25.


My name is Dr. Robert Marshall, M.D. I am a candidate for Congress in the 6th District. I am a physician, I live in Burr Ridge and I am a father of four. I am not a career politician, I am just a private citizen like you.


I am a Vietnam Veteran. One of the main reasons I am running for this office is to oppose these wars that we are involved in, in the Mideast. We are making the same mistake there as we did in Vietnam.  I think we should end our involvement there now and bring our troops home.


I also want to end the "War on Drugs" in this country. We should legalize marijuana nationally.


In this country, there is a small percentage of people that control more than 50% of the total wealth of the country. This is unacceptable. If we then permit these people to spend as much as they want on political campaigns, then all of us are in serious trouble. We have an oligarchy and not a democracy. We must make millionaires and billionaires pay more of their fair share. 


The concentration of wealth and power in a small number of corporations, including the banks in New York City is a similar problem. When you then allow these corporations to be equal to people and allow them to spend as much as they want on political campaigns, then we are all in deeper trouble. I hope to reverse all of these two terrible trends. We must break up the banks in New York City and repeal Citizens United.


Can we have a single payer health system? I don't know but we can move towards that goal by slowly lowering the Medicare age down to 62 or 60 or allowing people age 55 to 65 to pay into Medicare. This way we can begin to achieve single payer without raising taxes.


Can we have free college education in this country? No one knows for certain but we can move towards this goal by increasing PELL Grants but in order to do this we must eliminate our involvement in all of these wars throughout this world. The Federal Government has only so much money and if we are spending money on foreign wars, then there is less for domestic programs.


I believe I can win the upcoming race against Mr. Roskam. How? By promoting the platform that I have just enunciated. We now know that Mr. Trump now will be at the top of their ticket and we know exactly where he is coming from. We also know the platform and philosophy of Senator Sanders is the key to winning over the type of voters that Trump is appealing to. This is the only way that we can win the upcoming race. If we try to duplicate the previous two campaigns, we will lose again as we did in 2014 and 2012.


       Website:          Phone: 630-479-1665 or 708-795-1655

Candidate Comparison


Comparison of the two candiates for the 6th District

My name is Dr. Robert Marshall, M.D. I am a candidate for Congress in the 6th District in the Democratic Primary. I am a physician.  I live in Burr Ridge and I am a father of four. I am not a career politician.  I am just a private citizen like you.


I am a Vietnam Veteran.  The main reason I am running for this office is to oppose these wars that we are involved in, in the Mideast. We are making the same mistake there as we did in Vietnam.  I think we should end our involvement there now and bring our troops home.


The following is a comparison with me and my opponent, Amanda Howland.


                                                Robert Marshall, M.D.                     Amanda Howland


Mideast Wars                           Stop bombing immediately                    Continue to stay there to

                                                and withdraw all troops from                 support our" Allies", wants

Iraq and Afghanistan                             to expand involvement there     

                                                            with "strong military action"


Marijuana                                 Legalize nationally                                 Opposed


Single Payer Healthcare

System                                     Test feasibility of single payer    Opposed

                                                by decreasing Medicare age to



Middleclass and

Working Man Issues                 Strong supporter of AFL-CIO No difference

                                                and AFT issues. 100% opposed

                                                to right to work laws


Minimum Wage                        Increase to $15.00 per hour                  Unknown


Break up NYC Banks              Yes                                                      No


Presidential Preference Sanders                                                Unknown


Reason for Running                   To oppose Mideast Wars                     Recruited by several

                                                                                                            unknown persons with

                                                                                                            unknown motives



I ask for your support and vote on March 15.


Website:       Phone:  708-795-1655



Paid for by the Committee to Elect Robert Marshall     

Candidate Contact Info

Campaign Name: Robert Marshall for U.S. Congress
Phone: (224) 707-1752
3304 Grove Ave
Berwyn , IL 60402

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