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November 8, 2016 — Illinois Elección General
Estados Unidos

U.S. House of RepresentativesCandidato para Distrito 1

Photo de August O'Neill Deuser

August O'Neill Deuser

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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • Educational Funding In Illinois for K-8 Schools
  • Reduce the Non Discretionary Fund by half (300 billion dollars)
  • Vets Card for all vets to get hospitalization in the United States at no cost to them (PTSD)



Special Education Teacher, Washington Jr. High (2007–2011)
Police Officer for three years, Cook County, IL — Cargo elegido (1983–1986)


Lewis University Masters In Education from Lewis University, Educational Administration (1998)

Actividades comunitarias

Baseball Coach, 5 years high school & 5 years little league (1990–2000)


I was a third generation police officer before I went back to school to earn my Masters. I taught students with emotional conditions for twenty two years. I have been on the front lines being a police officer and an educator. There are few politicians who can say that their political experience is a positive. Our country is in debt at the federal and state level. Politicians keep signing bills to spend money we don't have in the budget. Check out my website at GOD BLESS

Preguntas y Respuestas

Preguntas de Chicago Sun-Times (18)

What is your biggest difference with your opponent(s)?
Respuesta de August O'Neill Deuser:

My opponent has done nothing for his community for 25 years. The difference is I will get two K-8 schools built in the 1st Congressional. One in Gresham and one in Englewood.

Congress has declined to formally authorize America’s undeclared war against ISIS. Should Congress take a vote to authorize the use of military force against ISIS?
Respuesta de August O'Neill Deuser:

YES and send in our AIR FORCE.

More generally, what should Congress do to reduce the threat of ISIS abroad and at home? 
Respuesta de August O'Neill Deuser:

Our Secret Service, FBI and the rest of our organizations need to stay on top of the situation. I don't think we can change the culture of the middle east. When we pull our troops the same action will happen.

Donald Trump has called for a temporary ban on Muslim immigration. Do you support such action? What restrictions, if any, do you support on the admission of Muslims into the United States? 
Respuesta de August O'Neill Deuser:

YES I support Trump's idea of a ban. We have to know who we are letting into our country. It's a free country and we want to keep it that way.

The United States’ nuclear deal with Iran turned one year old on July 14, 2016. Should the deal be maintained as it is, revised or scrapped completely? What is right or wrong with the Iran deal? And should the next president feel bound by it?
Respuesta de August O'Neill Deuser:

I need more information but you can't negotiate with terrorists.

Should the United States build a physical wall along our nation’s entire border with Mexico? Should a “path to citizenship” be created for the millions of people already living here without proper documentation? Would you support legislation to prevent the deportations of so-called “Dreamers” — youth who came to the U.S. illegally as small children with their parents?
Respuesta de August O'Neill Deuser:

YES   We need to build a wall. Like the great wall of China. We can offer the immigrants who are here to come to the border and help build the wall. They can set up in camps with tents and learn English at night. Three years we have a new wall and some new proud AMERICANS.

Federal judges in July ruled against voter identification laws in Wisconsin and Texas, concluding that they disproportionately impact minority voters and violate the U.S. Voting Rights Act. Should voters be required to show a photo ID when voting? And should the federal government have a say in this, or is it strictly a matter for the individual states to decide? 
Respuesta de August O'Neill Deuser:

YES because in the last election Obama had 125% of the vote in some regions of the U.S.? That is impossible?

Should all or certain federal public lands, including national parks, wildlife refuges and forests, be given to states to control? Do you support the opening of public lands and the outer continental shelf to exploration for oil and other fossil fuels, even if those resources are not immediately developed? 
Respuesta de August O'Neill Deuser:

NO I think the Federal government should maintain control. I need more information to make a determination on the exploration.

What changes, if any, to the U.S. tax code do you support and why?
Respuesta de August O'Neill Deuser:

The tax code should be one book and one percent for all. Warren Buffet says 20% for all?

What are the most important actions Congress can take to ensure the solvency of Social Security?
Respuesta de August O'Neill Deuser:

Congress needs to stop spending money we don't have in the budget. The non-descretionary fund needs to be cut in half. 300 billion dollar savings.             SSI supplement has to come from another account not SS.

The Republican Party platform defines marriage as between a man and a woman. What is your view? The Obama Administration has issued guidelines to schools, saying they must allow transgender students to use the bathroom that matches their gender identity. What is your view? And do you believe parents of LGBT children should be allowed to force their children into conversion therapy?
Respuesta de August O'Neill Deuser:

Only a man and a women can pro-create.

What is the single most important action Congress can take to reduce U.S. gun violence?
Respuesta de August O'Neill Deuser:

Parents need to be responsible for their children and children need to be responsible for their behavior. As a teacher of behavior disorders I seen first hand how fathers aren't in the lives of their children. That creates a problem of behavior in a child. There are too many children being born out of wedlock. We don't have a gun problem in our country. We have a mental illness problem in our country. People need to be responsible for their behavior. If you shoot someone and it's not in self defense or protection of others you go to jail.

The “Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act” would give the Department of Justice authority to keep suspected terrorists on the federal “no fly” list from buying firearms. The bill was voted down in Congress late last year but pushed again in June after the Orlando massacre of 49 people. Do you support or oppose this bill, and why?
Respuesta de August O'Neill Deuser:

I support the bill because you can't negotiate with terrorists. Any suspect on the "no fly zone" needs to be grounded. Common sense.

Should Obamacare be repealed, left intact, or changed — and if so, how? 
Respuesta de August O'Neill Deuser:

Obama has dumped everyone in to Medicade. The federal government is not your father and the state is not your mother. People need to pay for their own health care. Obamacare needs to be repealed and replaced with a fair and equitable program for all.

A plan to replace Obamacare, presented by House Speaker Paul Ryan in June, would gradually increase the eligibility age for Medicare, which is now 65. Starting in 2020, the Medicare age would rise along with the eligibility age for full Social Security benefits, eventually reaching 67. Do you support this change in the eligibility age for Medicare? 
Respuesta de August O'Neill Deuser:

NO, because if we paid into Social Security we deserve our benefits.

The GOP platform opposes the use of public funds for Planned Parenthood and other groups that “perform or advocate” abortion. It also opposes funding health care that includes abortion coverage. In contrast, the Democratic Party’s platform called for continued funding of Planned Parenthood and repeal of the Hyde Amendment, which bars the direct use of federal funds to pay for abortion. Where do you stand?  
Respuesta de August O'Neill Deuser:


President Obama has proposed making two years of community college free nationally. Do you support or oppose this proposal? If you support it, how would you have the nation pay for it? 
Respuesta de August O'Neill Deuser:

NO. I do believe banks and colleges should provide low interest loans to people who want to go to college. We can't pay for everyone to go to college.

College costs have risen at twice the rate of inflation for about 30 years. What is driving this increase and what should be done about it?
Respuesta de August O'Neill Deuser:

LOW INTEREST LOANS  College has to re-think the whole process. General education requirements need to be reduced to one year or less. More experience in the field with cooperation from the business community.

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Dinero total recaudado: $12,088

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Creencias poliza

Filosofía política

My philosophy is that we need to change the culture of politics in our country. We need to balance the budget. This is what I'm about 1) Reduce the non-descretionary fund in half for a savings of more than 400 billion dollars. 2) Spend money on K-8 education in Illinois. We are last in educational spending in the country. 3) SSI supplement is draining Social Security. We paid our hard earned money and we deserve our benefits. It's not an entitlement program. We worked hard for our money 4) Obama care needs to be repealed because everyone was thrown into Medicaid? Seniors cost for insurance has doubled? 5) Vets card for all veterans in our country so they can get hospital care anywhere in the United States. (PTSD). We don't have a gun problem in our country. We have a mental health problem with dysfunctional families.

Documentos sobre determinadas posturas

Culture of Politics in America


My position is that we keep spending money we don't have in the budget. Our politicians need to realize we can't spend money we don't have in the budget.

My name is August (O'Neill) Deuser and I'm running to change the culture of politics in our country and state. Our government keeps spending money we don't have in the budget. For instance, if you go to my website you will see that the non-descretionary fund is 600 billion dollars. We need to cut that in half to 300 billion dollars. I will sponsor a bill called the 50% reduction bill. Whether you are a Republican or Democrat responsible spedning is the key to turning our country around.

We also need to cut welfare in half. I will sponsor a bill called the 50% Welfare Reducation Bill. The federal government isn't your father and the state isn't your mother. It's time for people to be responsible for themselves and their children. If you can't afford children then use protection. Stop having children if you can't take care of them. Too many children are being born out of wedlock.

We need to have a Vets Card to help Vets get hospitalization anywhere in the United States. We have a problem with mental illness in our country. PTSD  We don't have a gun problem in our country. We have people that have mental conditions that need help so they won't shoot and kill people. Parents need to be responsible for their children and children need to be responsible for their behavior. You can make all the excuses in the world. The buck starts and ends in the home. Man Up!

Videos (2) — August 29, 2016 Digitally Speaking

My website has my picture and explains what I'm about.   

— October 19, 2016 Chicago Sun-Times

August Deuser tells why he should be the congressman from the 1st district.

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