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November 8, 2016 — Illinois Elección General

Cook CountyCandidato para Clerk of the Circuit Court

Photo de Diane S. Shapiro

Diane S. Shapiro

Public Servant
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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • To bring computerized technology into the 21st Century and eliminate paper waste. Eliminate all redundant positions, security detail and enact zero balance budgeting after completing a full forensic financial audit of the budget.
  • To be present in every county courthouse on a rotating basis and assist with daily court functions such as being answerable to every judge and work in unison with other court personnel.
  • To conduct a full forensic audit of the budget, after which we will determine which redundant positions, including the security detail, may be removed without affecting service and enact zero balance budgeting.



Profesión:Public Servant
2nd Term 46th Ward GOP Committeeman, Republican Party — Cargo elegido (2009–current)
Committeeman, 46th Ward of Chicago — Cargo elegido (2008–current)
Director of Safety and Education, ABATE of Illinois - Chicago Chapter — Cargo elegido (2007–current)
Secretary, Italian American Police Association — Cargo elegido (2010–current)
College Instructor of Speech 101 (Public Speaking), Triton College (2000–2011)
President, International Police Association — Cargo elegido (2002–2010)
Adult Probation Officer/Investigator, Cook County (1984–2009)
General Manager/Ring Mistress-Announcer/Writer, Royal Australian Circus/Festival Circus (1979–1996)
Deputy Sheriff, Cook County (1979–1984)
Deputy Recorder of Deeds, Cook County (1976–1979)


University of Illinois at Chicago 36 Hours towards PhD, Public Policy Analysis (1990)
Chicago City Colleges Certification, Addictions Counseling (1989)
University of Illinois at Chicago Master of Arts (1985)
Northwestern University Bachelor of Science, General Education (1980)

Actividades comunitarias

Secretary, Italian American Police Association (2012–current)
President and Associate Secretary to Israel, International Police Association (1992–2010)


Diane Shapiro is a lifelong resident of Chicago. She was raised in the West Rogers Park neighborhood, and currently resides on the North Side of Chicago where she is the second term elected Republican Committeeman of the 46th Ward. She is a graduate of Northwestern University (Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and General Education), University of Illinois at Chicago (Master’s Degree in Communication/Theatre) and City Colleges of Chicago (Certification in Addictions Counseling) and speaks several languages, including Spanish, German, Italian, Hebrew and American Sign Language. She is a member of and on the boards of numerous police organizations, ABATE, the motorcycle rights organization and a strong Second Amendment supporter. She is again challenging the Chicago Machine as the slated Republican candidate for Cook County Circuit Court Clerk. In 2008 and 2012, despite not winning the election, she was the top Republican vote getter and received the endorsements of the Chicago Tribune, Sun-Times and Daily Herald. She is above all else driven by a sense of ethics and desire to be a public servant rather than a politician. For 33 years she was employed by Cook County in the offices of Cook County Recorder of Deeds, Cook County Sheriff’s office and Cook County Adult Probation Department. During her last seven years was the only Spanish speaking officer in the Presentence Investigations Unit. Beside her years of honorable service, she also produced Shrine and other types of circuses across the United States as General Manager,  Assistant Producer and occasional Ringmistress/announcer. She also taught Public Speaking at Triton College for 11 years with excellent reviews from her students, and Juvenile Justice at Harper College. Her goal is to be a Circuit Court Clerk who will lead by example, serve the public in her elected duties of overseeing the management of all court files, bonds, notifications etc. which are under the jurisdiction of that office and intends to upgrade and modernize the office by automating as many functions as possible, reducing waste, mismanagement, unnecessary positions and fraud, install wifi throughout the court system as well as day of filing imaging, set up a countywide police court notification system and make that department, the third largest in the U.S. one of the most professionally run in the country by being a hands-on responsible leader who, by example and daily presence in the courts will truly bring that office into the 21st Century and restore respect, order and integrity into the Cook County Circuit Court system.

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Featured Endorsements

  • Italian American Police Association.
  • Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 7, ABATE PAC of Illinois, All Republican Townships, Polish American Police Association,

Organizaciónes (3)

  • Chicago Police Sergeants Association.
  • City Workers Present and Past (Facebook)
  • Chicago Police Detectives Association.

Preguntas y Respuestas

Preguntas de Chicago Sun-Times (7)

Around the country, online court docket systems make electronically filed documents in a case instantly available with the click of a computer mouse to judges, lawyers and the public. Why are many such documents, once filed, not as readily accessible in the Cook County courts?
Respuesta de Diane S. Shapiro:

I do not know, nor can I explain why the office of Circuit Court Clerk of Cook County has not complied with federal court orders relative to United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois General Order 09-014 issued on June 5, 2009 by Judge James Holderman to modernize the clerk's computerized system, nor has that office complied with an amended case, General Order 14-0024, with even more stringent conditions issued on October 24, 2014 by Judge Ruben Castillo at which time the office was again ordered to modernize the system. These orders have obviously not been complied with, but should have been immediately at the time they were ordered. I have certified copies of both cases in my possession as evidence. When I worked as an Investigator in the Adult  Probation Department I was able to easily access this sort of information, filed on the same day in court in compliance with the federal court orders, online from counties such as DuPage and Carroll. 

Assuming that approval of the Chief Judge is granted, would you commit to making court statistics and related court data publically available to the extent permitted by law? And would you include data provided from contractors?
Respuesta de Diane S. Shapiro:

A judge's order must be complied with, and I would absolutely commit to making the court statistics, related court data etc. available in compliance with the law as immediately as possible. That is one of the important elective duties of the position of Circuit Court Clerk. The public must expect their elected officials to abide by their oath of office, operate within the law and comply with all legal/judicial directives. Any and all contracts, data etc. must be available to the public for review so that they know where, how, with whom and how much was paid to every contractor for all contracts, no matter how small or large the amount. Transparency of government should be expected by the public. 

The Appellate Public Defender said publicly in 2014 that more than 120 prisoner appeals had been stalled for more than a year because files were missing. Why are files missing? What would you do to prevent files from going missing in these and all other cases?
Respuesta de Diane S. Shapiro:

The court files are property of the judge and must be protected 100% of the time. If I were the Clerk of the Circuit Court I would hold every Deputy Clerk personally liable for the preservation and maintenance of every court file. If a file is missing, or contents have been removed or altered, it would result in immediate disciplinary action up to and including termination. In 2012 a 17 year employee of the clerk's offfice, Jeanette Niebauer, was arrested for shredding court files in her home. bond  Based on my personal experience working in the courts for over 30 years, this is not an isolated incident. Often files were missing or necessary information was missing from the files I received to write up cases for probation or investigations.  Even more shocking is that often incomplete files from which documentation such as court motions and orders is missing and are sent to the Appellate Defender. This will not occur under my watch, and I will even assume personal accountability for the accuracy, integrity and maintenance of every file. 

The Clerk of the Circuit Court is responsible for collecting and disbursing more than $300 million every year. If elected, will you commit to making all financial records of the clerk's office available for public review under the Freedom of Information Act?
Respuesta de Diane S. Shapiro:

If I am elected as the next Circuit Court Clerk of Cook County I will demand a complete forensic financial audit of the office from where the monies are banked, how they are collected and disbursed and what investment practices, or not, are being done up to and including the salaries, grade levels etc. of every employee by an outside agency. We will implement responsible fiduciary practices, such as zero balance budgeting, eliminate redundant, unnecessary positions and streamline efficiency saving precious taxpayer dollars. We will invest all collected funds in AAA bonds and other instruments.The results of the audit will be made public peremptorily upon completion. These records should have been available to the public without the need for a FOIA. If I am elected all financial records will be available online for all to all to see where taxpayer money is being allocated at all levels. 

According to an October 2015 audit of the Clerk of the Circuit Court's accounting systems, the accounting processes utilized are not part of a single unified accounting system, "are not operating in the most efficient manner" and involve "an extremely labor intensive manual process where some areas are not using automated spreadsheets and completing reconciliations in pencil by hand." If elected, what will you do to ensure that the clerk's accounting systems are modernized and fully integrated?"
Respuesta de Diane S. Shapiro:

If the office of Cook County Circuit Court Clerk had abided by the orders of Judge James Holderman in 2009 and Judge Ruben Castillo in 2014, as is duty of the office to comply with, this problem would have been eliminated long ago. The payment of fees, fines etc. should be able to be done simply and efficiently by being recorded in one system instead of in different ones which do not even recognize one another, regardless of where they are paid. If I am elected as the next Circuit Court Clerk I will obey these federal orders and any others issued pursuantly, and upgrade the computerized system. I have people prepared as part of my transition team who are computer experts to assist in expediting these matters. We will have a fully operational true computerized Windows based system where all monies may be paid in person or online and recorded immediately upon payment and deposit. 

Should files for open cases be kept at the courthouse where the case is pending rather than moved off-site?
Respuesta de Diane S. Shapiro:

When I worked in the Adult Probation Department I developed a simple system for preservation of my files which could be extrapolated to the clerk's filing system. If I had an APD file in my office at Grand and Central, for example, I kept the file there and at the end of every day would enter all information into the "computerized" system (I use quotations because the system is not a computer in the standard sense. It is a dummy terminal which connects to the main system downtown and is antiquated in the most accurate sense of the word) so that the record could be accessed immediately online. For cases of violation of probation I would have the officer keep their file, enter all data into the system at the end of the day, call the officer to apprise them of what transpired in court so that they could document it on the file in their office. If the officer wanted me to, I would keep their file safely protected and only when a case was disposed of would it be returned to the record room for the Probation Officer to retrieve. I always took personal responsibility for my own files because, unfortunately, the APD operated under the same lax standards. My system alleviated the need to transport files from location to location and none of my files ever went lost or missing, and if implemented countywide would eliminate the waste of fuel, wear and tear on vehicles and ultimately over time with computer efficiency we would be able to preserve the integrity of all files and eliminate the transportation of files. All information would be available on a video screen in every courtroom and day of filing imaging would be implemented.

Article VI, Section 18(b) of the Illinois Constitution states that, "The General Assembly shall provide by law for the election, or for the appointment by Circuit Judges, of clerks and other non-judicial officers of the Circuit Courts and for their terms of office and removal for cause." Should clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County be changed from an elected office to one appointed by the Circuit Judges, as allowed by the Illinois Constitution?
Respuesta de Diane S. Shapiro:

This exact idea was suggested by me when I first ran for office in 2008 and again in 2012. I would support legislation for it 100% and even assist with crafting it if it were allowed. It would be my honor and privilege to be the last elected Cook County Circuit Court Clerk and the first Republican Circuit Court Clerk of Cook County. It would be my honor to supervise the modernization of the Clerk's office, clean house, end pay-to-play politics, implement cost saving measures, responsible fiduciary practices and commit to transition the office from elective to appointed office as is done at the Appellate and Supreme Court levels.

Creencias poliza

Filosofía política

I am a Republican Consitutional Conservative.  

Videos (5)

Candidate Free Time — March 1, 2016 WTTW-Channel 11 and League of Women Voters

My statement to the voters of Chicago and viewers of Channel 11. 

— March 1, 2016 Avi Meyers

On camera interview with Avy Meyers regarding my candidacy for 2016.

— March 1, 2016 Avy Meyers

Interview from 2012 with Avy Meyers discussing my candidacy for Circuit Court Clerk. N.B. I was the top Republican vote getter in November.

— March 1, 2016 Avi Meyers

From when I ran the first time in 2008 for Circuit Court Clerk. I was the top Republican vote getter that November.

— August 27, 2016 North Town News

A recent interview conducted with me by Avy Meyers discussing campaign issues important to the voters of Cook County to know. 

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