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November 8, 2016 — Illinois Elección General

Cook County Board of ReviewCandidato para Commissioner, Distrito 1

Photo de Dan Patlak

Dan Patlak

Elected Official
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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • Empowering taxpayers through education, communication and transparency
  • Implementation of zero-based budgeting
  • Improving defense of Property Tax Appeal Board appeals in order to save money for local governmental units and property tax payers.



Profesión:Elected Official
Commissioner, Cook County Board of Review — Cargo elegido (2010–current)
Assessor, Wheeling Township — Cargo elegido (2006–2010)
Assessment Appeal Analyst/Communications Director, Cook County Board of Review — Cargo designado (1999–2006)
Political Consultant, Inisfree Group (1997–1998)
Realtor, Century-21 Marino (1986–1996)
Board Member, East Maine School District 63 — Cargo elegido (1995–1996)


Illinois Property Assessment Institute Certified Illinois Assessing Officer (CIAO), Assessment practice and procedures (2002)
The Real Estate Institute Graduate of the Real Estate Institute, Real Estate transactions rules and procedures (1988)
Illinois Department of Banks and Real Estate Real Estate Brokers License, Real Estate laws and procedures (1986)
Valparaiso University Bachelor of Science, Business Administration, Concentration in Finance (1984)

Actividades comunitarias

Parishoner, St. Joseph the Worker Church (2003–current)
4th Degree member, Knights of Columbus Regina counsel (2006–current)
Member, International Association of Assessing Officers (2006–current)
Member, National and Illinois Association of Realtors (1986–current)
Member, Citizens Against Government Waste (1989–current)


Dan Patlak was sworn into a two year term as a Commissioner of the Cook County Board of Review on December 6, 2010. Patlak’s defeat of the incumbent commissioner was the first time a Republican defeated a sitting Cook County level Democrat in fifteen years.He was re-elected in 2012 and will run for election again in 2016.  Patlak is fulfilling his pledge to work as the first ever full-time commissioner at the Board.

After graduating from Valparaiso University with a Bachelors degree in Business Administration, Dan Patlak began his professional career as a real estate Broker in the near north suburbs of Chicago in 1986 and continued in that capacity until 1995. He is a Graduate of the Real Estate Institute (GRI) and has been a member of the National and Illinois Realtors Associations for more than twenty-five years. As a volunteer coordinator for Citizens Against Government Waste from 1992 to 1994 Dan Patlak organized “Taxpayer Action Day Rallies” in successive years at the Kluzinski Federal Building and the Daley Plaza to draw attention to wasteful government spending. He also testified before the Cook County Board in 1992 in opposition to the original $.75 county sales tax.

Mr. Patlak was employed at the Cook County Board of Review from January 1999 to December 2006. He served as a property assessment appeal analyst for Commissioner Maureen Murphy specializing in residential, commercial apartment and exempt properties. In addition, Dan represented the Board of Review at over 500 Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board (PTAB) oral hearings. Maureen Murphy’s office conducted over 300 Property Assessment Appeal Seminars during her eight years in office. Mr. Patlak served as her surrogate speaker at more than 60 of those seminars. Patlak also served as Murphy’s Public Information Officer fielding media inquiries, writing letters to the editor, arranging press conferences, scheduling public appearances and helping write the Board’s Annual Report.

After completing advanced courses in property appraisal required to become a Certified Illinois Assessing Officer, Dan was elected Assessor of Wheeling Township in 2005 and re-elected in 2009. He is a member of the International Association of Assessing Officers. Dan also was an elected Board Member of East Maine School District #63 in the mid-90’s.

Mr. Patlak is a member of the National Taxpayers Union. He is a Parishioner of St. Joseph the Worker Church and a 4th degree Knight of Columbus. Dan resides in the Village of Wheeling with his wife Dulce and fifteen year old son Teddy.

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Featured Endorsements

  • Jim Tobin, President-Taxpayers United of America
  • Tax Accountability

Organizaciónes (4)

  • United Hellenic Voters of America
  • Italian American Political Coalition
  • Polish American Police Association of Chicago & Illinois
  • Cook County Farm Bureau PAC

Funcionarios electos (15)

  • Tom Hayes, Arlington Heights Village President
  • Fran Sitkiewicz, Riverside Township Assessor
  • Tom Rooney, Rolling Meadows Mayor
  • Jerry Sadler, Wheeling Township Assessor
  • Amy Nykaza,Current Supervisor and former Assessor of Barrington Township
  • Nick Helmer, Prospect Heights Mayor
  • Tom Smogolski, Hanover Township Assessor
  • Emelio "Emo" Cundari, Cicero Township Assessor
  • Connie Carosielli, Elk Grove Township Assessor
  • Terry Kelly, Palatine Township Assessor
  • Dean Argiris, Wheeling Village President
  • Craig Johnson, Elk Grove Village President
  • Rodney Craig, Hanover Park Village President
  • John Lawson, Schaumburg Assessor
  • Patty Damisch, Northfield Assessor

Preguntas y Respuestas

Preguntas de Chicago Sun-Times (5)

Is it proper for Board of Review commissioners to accept campaign contributions from lawyers who appear before the board? 
Respuesta de Dan Patlak:

The answer is “yes.”  This district is populated by 1.7 million people and is bigger than two congressional districts and is in one of the most expensive media markets.  Consequently, fundraising is very important.  I abide by all Illinois campaign fundraising rules and procedures.  In addition, I have imposed limitations to refuse contributions from certain politically-connected firms. 


All citizens have the right to contribute to campaigns of public servants who they believe are doing a good job.  However, contributions should be transparent.  Campaign contributions without transparency are insufficient to restore public confidence in the political system.  Candidates now are required to report within a few days within an election cycle any contribution of $1,000 or more.  I would support changing that requirement to all contributions regardless of amount being reported within a few days.


Also, while all citizens have a right to appeal their tax bill and to choose their own counsel, the public also has a right to know who is appealing, what contributions have been made and by whom, who is representing appellants and what results have been determined.  The Board makes all of this information available by holding it for five years and providing it upon request to the general public, good government groups and the media for inspection. 



Campaign contributions are completely transparent and available for review on the Illinois Board of Elections web site.

The property tax system in Cook County long has been marred by accusations that lawyers with clout win significant tax reductions for their clients, which drives up costs for everyone else. Do you agree? If so, what would you do to prevent it?
Respuesta de Dan Patlak:

Board of Review decisions are driven by evidence provided by appellants as well as other information the Board may have at its disposal.  Despite the “accusations” mentioned in the question, clout plays no role in the Board’s decisions. As the only Republican member at the Board I think that having a minority Party commissioner, and his staff adjudicating appeals, serves as a check and balance against favoritism.   For any media outlet, good government organization or individual citizen who may question the Board’s decisions, the evidence reviewed and calculations made by analysts is saved for five years and is available for inspection.

Board of Review commissioners often hold seminars to explain the appeal process and help homeowners fill out forms for appeals. Is this a public benefit, or does it shift costs to property owners who don’t appeal?
Respuesta de Dan Patlak:

One of the things I am most proud of as a Board commissioner is the Assessment Appeal Seminars that my staff and I conduct each year.  When I first ran for office I promised that I would reach out to the public to make them aware of their right to appeal unfair assessments and that I would share my experience and knowledge with property owners who wished to learn more about the property tax system in general and the appeal process specifically.  Each appeal session between August and January we conduct between 40-50 Assessment Appeal Seminars.  Those seminars are not only a presentation on the ins and outs of the appeal process but also an opportunity for citizens to ask questions directly to their elected representative at the Board.  In addition, analysts from my staff are available to answer questions from property owners about their own unique challenges regarding their assessment.  Surveys we have taken over the past two years show a very high degree of satisfaction with the information we provide.  The seminars are conducted throughout my district and are available to everyone at no cost.

Last year, property owners for the first time were able to upload online all necessary documents for assessment appeals. What additional improvements do you envision for the system?
Respuesta de Dan Patlak:

The Digital Appeal Processing System (DAPS) which I promised to implement during my last campaign was unveiled and brought into use in August 2015.  It was a resounding success allowing the Board to adjudicate a record number of appeals on time without increasing personnel.  DAPS eliminated paper files and thus review, transportation and storage of paper files at the Board.  Now our analysts review evidence on a monitor, type their decisions directly into our data base and transport files with a touch of a button saving a minimum of two million pieces of paper yearly.  Despite this success, we do have plans to add improvements to the system:


a.       Improving interaction between Board of Review systems and the county mainframe will reduce processing time.

b.       Improve hearing scheduling management as well as the accuracy of request maintenance.

c.       Reduce manual entry and mailing of hearing notices.

d.       Improvement in the reduction of errors and necessary corrections.  The reduction of error incidents will improve the efficiency of the balancing process with the Cook County Assessor’s office, improving certification processing times.

e.       Digitally process exempt property requests as well as certificates of error thereby improving the taxpayer experience as well as workflow efficiency.



Is the job of Board of Review commissioner basically a quasi-judicial ministerial position? If so, should commissioners be appointed rather than elected?
Respuesta de Dan Patlak:

The Cook County Board of Review is the largest quasi-judicial office of its kind in the United States.  Last year it adjudicated appeals on 475,000 parcels of property, the most in history.  That year and in the four years preceding it, the Board finished its work in time for tax bills to be mailed by the statutorily required date of July 1, a feat that had not been accomplished in the preceding 34 years.  This allowed local governments like schools, libraries and villages to receive revenue to pay their operational expenses without dipping into reserves or issuing tax anticipation warrants.  The result has been millions of dollars in savings for those governments and the property owners who finance them.  The three Commissioners who run the Board were able to close their appeal session on time during the recent record appeal year because of implementation of our new state of the art Digital Appeals Processing System which has put us on the forefront of technology among government offices nationwide. It is my privilege to present my record, qualifications and experience to the voters of the First Board of Review district. Residents from each district chose the commissioners who have had so much success over the past six years and I believe the decision about who runs the Board should stay in the hands of those citizens.  

Creencias poliza

Filosofía política

With property assessments increasing and property taxes going up because of continued demand for more money each year from local governmental units such as schools, villages and park districts, property owners have a right to know they are fairly assessed and paying no more than their fair share of taxes. The Board of Review is the last avenue of appeal for many tax payers and the promises I made in past campaigns were all designed to ensure a timely and fair review at the Board.

Now additional reasons can be added for taxpayers to support my candidacy. Those reasons illustrate a record of success in following through with my campaign promises.

  • As the only Republican on the three-member Board and the first full-time commissioner, my presence and continued vigilance as a check and balance has helped to make the Board of Review more professional and user friendly.
  • We have pursued an aggressive schedule of assessment appeal seminars to educate the public about their right to appeal and additionally to teach taxpayers as much as possible about our current property tax system so they will be empowered to make informed decisions about their own personal property taxes as well as when exercising their right to vote.
  • We have simplified the appeal process for taxpayers by improving our standard letters about hearings.
  • Average waiting time for hearings has been reduced from fifteen to five minutes (and often less). 
  • We ended the unproductive infighting with the Assessor’s office and entered into a cooperative mode that has resulted in more accurate assessments.
  • Our staff has participated in a formal education program through classes offered by the Illinois Property Assessment Institute and the Illinois Department of Revenue.  My staff now boasts more Certified Illinois Assessing Officers than any staff in the history of the Board of Review.  
  • We have kept close contact with the suburban assessor offices, having twenty-seven of their staffs come to the Board for a formal two hour tour and explanation of Board procedures.
  • For the first time in Board history, we produced every year since my election a Board of Review Annual Report created and endorsed by all three commissioners which provides information about the Board's responsibilities and detailed statistics on Board activities.  
  • We have kept our five suburban service centers open to give our suburban constituents a channel to us that duplicates the convenience Chicago residents enjoy by visiting our county building office.  
  • In 2011, we created an on-line appeal system so taxpayers could appeal from the comfort of their homes or offices.  
  • In 2015, we completely re-engineered our process by creating a Digital Appeals Processing System (DAPS).  Among many other benefits, DAPS makes it possible for appellants to upload their evidence to the Board of Review and to create a permanent account so they can view the Board's decision and analyst notes regarding their appeal.  The DAPS made it possible for our office to adjudicate a record number (475,000) of appeals during the 2015/2016 assessment appeal period without increasing personnel and while remaining on schedule so tax bills could be mailed on time.  
  • I continue to serve as the first ever full-time hands on commissioner at the Board of Review.

I ask for your support in the General Election on November 8th, 2016.

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